purpose of a wheelchair accessible vehicle!
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Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) are those that are specially converted to people in wheelchairs. As such, they can travel either as a driver or passenger without the need to transfer from the wheelchair. WAVs don’t usually come in the same size or design. Rather, how they look largely depends on the original vehicle used for the conversion. That means it doesn’t have to be new. You can buy used wheelchair accessible vehicles by talking to Sirus Automotive.

The major purpose of having one of the wheelchair accessible vehicles is to ensure members of your family in wheelchairs are never left behind. Is it fair to leave out a key member of the family when you are going out for a game drive? Being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean your family member should remain at home sulking.

If you are in a wheelchair yourself, you would want to be the one being driven around all the time. With one of the wheelchair accessible vehicles, you are in a position to do the driving yourself. This is the best purpose that WAVs serve. They literally empower you to take control of your mobility.

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